Friday 15 August 2014

OCC Stretch your stamps 2 - Play Day.

Hi everybody. Today is the last day on the Stretch your Stamps 2 OCC. I've been enjoying the full two weeks of heavy crafting. I think this class has been great - I've used stamp sets that have been laying around and I've not been able to find a way to use them. And now one of my favourite and most used stamp set is one of those. 

Today was a play day. I played with my Purple Onion stamps by Stacy Yacula. I just adore them. My dear friend is having her first wedding anniversary in few weeks so I wanted to make her a card. She especially likes owls and in their love story an owl is one kind of a symbol for them as well. I wanted to create a sunset with these two owls looking that together. I really like how this card turned out. And in this card I used one of the techniques that I learned in the class - Mirror stamping.

Well, my friend's are moving to their new home and I wanted to congratulate them of their new home. In original version their last name is in the sign but I blurred it out. These two cuties are also from Purple Onion designs by Stacy Yacula.

In some parts of Finland we celebrate namedays. In our calendar their is a day named for almost each name and on that day we celebrate it. I had had a pleasure to get to be a godmother for few of my friends children and I try to remember to send a card for each one them on that special day. Since I like crafting and card making, I try to make a card that has the name on it to make it special name day card. I usually make these at the same time and unfortunately I usually forgot to send them beforehand. 

These images are from Purple Onion designs and the first one was inspired by Therese Calvird. Therese's blog - Lostinpaper - is one the first blogs that I started to follow. She is very talented and has really unique designs and smart ideas for cards. I encourage you to check out her blog.

Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your kind words during this class. They really made me happy! See you in the next OCC and happy crafting!